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Emergency Services in Vrindavan

Emergency Services VrindavanVrindavan town is a small town and is the place where thousands of visitors visit every day. Hence, there is always a situation of an emergency which may be caused due to several reasons. The emergency in Vrindavan is an act which may cause threat to property, material, life and other materiality. These situations are unavoidable, however their impact can be minimized by following secure and safety measures along with proper planning. This emergency can have direct or indirect impact on the individual. Emergency situation can be avoided if proper care is taken of every act and knowledge is provided to the visitors of the happenings at this place. This will surely save the thousands life.

Any situation which has its impact on the individual or to the society as a whole is treated as an emergency. Larger the impact greater is the seriousness of the situation. This has its impact directly on the environment, society, living standard, development, progress of the area. Apart from the above mentioned emergencies, there are sever other emergencies that cover large areas includes fire, violent or criminal act, bomb threat, flood, riots, chemical leakage from the factories or radiations leak or spill from nuclear reactors etc.

Modern technology has at large extent reduced the danger and damage caused by such situations, these were uncontrollable in olden days. There were no adequate technology and equipment to forecast and control the damage caused by them. Several government control and private organizations work together to handle an emergency situation in Vrindavan. The agencies operating in this city are fire, services, police stations and hospitals.

Moreover, there is requirement of the proper inspection and eye watching facilities and agencies that are ready to forecast the future possibilities and take remedial action to minimize the same. Training the people, local people and voluntary will help a lot. Proper announcement of safety measures will also have its positive result.

Any grievances in the Vrindavan can be directly addressed at the below provided contact details depending on the category of the emergency.

Fire Helpline in Vrindavan

25/4, Mathura road, Delhi - 110044, Phone no.: (011) 26341301

Ambulance Helpline

  • Kailash Sharma Ambulance, Maheshwari Hospital, Gokul Restaurant, By Pass Delhi Rd, Mathura Ho, Mathura - 281001, Phone no.: 9690216716, 9568729731, 8445959360
  • Mahesh Ambulance, Chouhan Nursing Home, National Highway- 2, Kosi Kalan, Kosi Kalan, Mathura - 281403, Phone no.: 9760169697, 9761185749
  • Sisaudiya Ambulance Service, Arya Ngr, Kosi Kalan, Mathura - 281403, Phone no.: 9219887262, 9219743724, 9027129155
  • Rawat Ji Ambulance Wale, Burman Nursing Home, Sadar Road, Mathura - 281002, Phone no.: 9219743780, 9634287720

Police Helpline

  • Near Gandhi Park, Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg, Gaura Nagar Colony, Vrindavan - 281121 , Phone no.: (0565) 2442325
  • Barsana, Mathura - 281405, Phone no.: (05662) 246253
  • Vrandaban Gate, Mathura - 281001, Phone no.: (0565) 2442325
  • Superintendent Of Police, Police Station, Mathura City, Mathura - 281001, Phone no.: (0565) 2471368
  • Mathura UP, Mathura - 281004, Phone no.: (0565) 2450088
  • Senior Superintendent Of Police, Mathura Ho, Mathura - 281001, Phone no.: 9454400298, (0565) 2505172
  • K.J.S Police station, Gowardhan, Mathura - 281502, Phone no.: (0565) 2423713

Vrindavan town has special helpline numbers for the visitors which can be called upon any assistance in this town and police posts are situated at every important locations of the Vrindavan and its surrounding areas.

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    Soniya from Delhi 870 Days ago

    Before 3 yrs I came to vrindavan akshya patra. After eating food in canteen I have fill feedback form. From next day a guy who's name Rahul Chaudhary which was working in akshya patra send me massege. I have tried many times to warn that guy but he send me abuse. I suggest if any girl and ladies going vrindavan plz don't share their details.

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  • C
    Charu from Vrindavan 1920 Days ago

    please suggest me the best eye hospital in and around vrindavan ?

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    VrindavanOnline.in Expertfrom 1609 Days ago

    Go through the page to know about various hospitals offering eye treatment.

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